Hey there! I'm Chase Bender, your friendly neighborhood graphic designer with a love for all things creative and a soft spot for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and martial arts.
I stumbled into the world of graphic design because I wanted to combine my love for doodling and my marketing skills. I was designing promotional posters for my band before I knew graphic design was even a profession. My first plan was to work with engineers designing the marketing aspect of their creations, however since beginning my adventure into design I've found that there is more to the art. I am now proficiently awesome at the adobe softwares and enjoy creating different medias. 
When I'm not working, you can probably catch me rolling on the mats or practicing some sweet martial arts moves. There's something about the discipline and flow of BJJ that just vibes with my design approach. It's like the two are secretly best buds.
This portfolio isn't just a fancy display of pixels and colors; it's a showcase of my adventures in blending creativity with a dash of martial arts flair. I believe good design is like a well-executed armbar – it's all about precision, strategy, and a touch of finesse.
I'm all about collaboration and bringing your vision to life, whether it's a killer brand identity, eye-catching marketing materials, or a digital experience that'll make your grandma proud.
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